Attention Autism Parents! For A Limited Time Sensory Swim® is giving away 10,000 FREE copies of "How To Teach A Child With Autism How To Swim: 10 Things Every Parent Oughta Know.
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How To Teach A Child With Autism How To Swim: 10 Things Every Parent Oughta Know
Dear Friend,

Over the past decade at Sensory Swim we've turned over 4,000 kids who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder into swimming machines.

Because these kids tend to elope, time is never on our side. 

Time isn't on your side either.

We wrote this special report for the hundreds of thousands of parents out there who just don't know where to start.  
Here's Exactly What You're Getting When This Special Report Arrives ...

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever read because it's more of a "field guide" to turning your child into a swimming machine.

The reason why is because there's no fluff or filler.

It immediately gets down to business, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

Plus, it's easy.

At less than 15 pages, you can read it quickly.
Dive In To Discover...
  •  The 2 "must have" main characteristics that you want your child's instructor to have so that lessons are both enjoyable and effective.
  •  The single step that will help you determine if you are wasting your time and money.
  •  The one thing that a majority of parents do with the intention of helping that actually hurts your child the most.
  •  Learn the worst thing an instructor could ever do to your child and don't allow them to do it. (They will seek your permission) 
  •  We debunk why group lessons are useless and how they actually cost you a lot more money in the long run.and much much more!
This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before It's Over...
Here's why...

We've ordered 10,000 copies of this special report as a test. They are packaged up and ready to be shipped immediately.

In all likelihood, we will run out before the end of this month.


Because over 100,000 people subscribe to our free weekly email The Autism Revelations and they are getting this message at the same time your are.

Not to mention our 80,000 + fans on Facebook are going to see this too.

And the last time we released a special report like this it sold over 10,000 copies in just a few days.

So it's simply a matter of supply and demand.

Supplies are very, very limited and if you would like to have a copy to call your own grab yours now... before you forget.

Once we are out, that's all she wrote.
So What's The Catch?
No catch at all. We've already bought the 10,000 copies to give away. 

So we've bought a copy for you. 

We just ask that you help us out with the shipping and handling which is $5.60 anywhere in the world.

We are also going to give you the chance to grab two additional reports as well. 

Those reports are ...

* How Autism Impacts Learning To Swim: Verbal VS. Nonverbal & 5 Simple Strategies To Make Your Child's Swim Lessons More Effective. 

We wrote all of these with you in mind so you'll get the unvarnished truth. 

Warts & all.

By consuming the content in these special reports you will know more than 98% of parents and teachers out there.

Please use it wisely.

Capture Us With Grace,
Andrew & Mary aka Sensory Swim®
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What Others Are Saying...

"The couple draws from their colorful educational backgrounds to impart indispensable knowledge that may prevent many autistic children & adults from drowning."


" Paying the $5.60 for this report was the best investment I've ever made. I'm ashamed but I was one of those parents who blindly trusted our swim instructor. My eyes opened after reading "10 Things Every Parent Oughta Know". 

Carla | New York, New York

" I attended Sensory Swim's Autism Engines seminar last year in Halifax and learned more in two hours than I did getting my Master's in education. These guys are legit".

Chris | Halifax, Nova Scotia 

" I don't know how you all packed so much knowledge into a few pages but I can't wait till you release a book. The Autism community is so lucky to have you guys looking out for them. We took your suggestions from this report and the difference in our child's progress is insane. He use to swim like a canoe now he swims like a speed boat. Thank you!!!".

Stacy | Long Beach, California

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